Introducing WithStand® Desk: Empowering Manufacturers with Offline Testing Software

Taipei, Taiwan – Ikonix is excited to announce the launch of WithStand® Desk, a powerful extension of our Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, WithStand®. WithStand® Desk is designed as an alternative method for manufacturers to record, track, and store their critical testing data, ensuring that testing procedures remain efficient, even for those with limited internet or intranet access.

WithStand® is already known for its cloud-based software and storage platform, complete with a user-friendly PC interface, making it a trusted choice for efficient testing with Associated Research and SCI testers. Now, with the introduction of WithStand® Desk, manufacturers can take their testing routines off-grid.

For manufacturers who may not have stable internet or intranet access, WithStand® Desk has been meticulously crafted to meet their unique needs. This extension empowers manufacturers to optimize their daily testing processes while retaining full control over their essential data. With WithStand® Desk, users can easily and securely track and record their data, even in areas with limited connectivity, making it an ideal choice for those with distinct connectivity challenges.

While WithStand® and WithStand® Desk share common functionalities such as test setup, local data storage, saving test files locally, and printing reports, there are notable distinctions between the two. WithStand® Desk stands out by eliminating the need for users to log in to the platform and forgoing cloud storage. Moreover, WithStand® Desk is fully compatible with Associated Research and SCI product lines, providing seamless integration with the equipment that manufacturers trust.

As part of our commitment to providing accessible and effective testing solutions to our customers, we are pleased to introduce WithStand® Desk. This advanced testing solution is now available to a broader range of manufacturers, further enhancing the WithStand® experience.

For more information, please visit WithStand® Desk and its features.