3 Efficient Insights Found in EV Battery Testing

Over the COVID pandemic period, the automotive and other supply chains have faced various challenges, including increased freight costs and a shortage of EV cells and materials. Some governments advocate to build a homegrown EV battery facility as the remedy to minimize the impact. There is an increasing trend where EV battery manufacturing supply chains take action in moving their production line locally to reduce the risk of relying on overseas suppliers and achieving a steady-state supply. Here are some of the insights we like to share.

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Associated Research Announces New Logo.

Ikonix is pleased to announce while we are in the process of consolidation and globalization of our production line, we are giving our Associated Research a fresh new look. Released on January 9th, 2023 Associated Research will be transitioning to this new logo.

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New Product Changes You Must Know

Taipei, Taiwan – Starting January 1st, 2023, Ikonix will complete full brand consolidation. Ikonix’s three iconic brands will be Associated Research, SCI, and eec. Associated Research will be the main brand offering premium electrical safety testers for leading manufacturers to optimize their production. SCI is an ideal solution for small to medium-volume manufacturers who need a simple tester to get their job done. The eec electrical safety tester lines will be transitioned to the Associated Research brand, except for the highly specialized ESM-500 MultiPRO series. The eec will offer a wide range of powerful performance and precision AC power sources for production line testing requirements.

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HypotULTRA® Series

The Electrical Safety Testing Benchmark.

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