OMNIA®II Multi-Function Electrical Safety Tester


The Answer to Industry Safety Standards

The OMNIA Series is the world’s first 7-in-1 safety analyzer with color display and optional built-in 500VA AC power source for the most demanding testing conditions. Designed with multi-connection interface, the OMNIA Series is the one-stop solution for automation stations.

Safety and Productivity Features

AC Hipot

DC Hipot

Ground Continuity

Insulation Resistance

Ground Bond

Functional Run

Leakage Current


Modular Multiplexer

Withstand Compatible

A 7-in-1 System

Fully integrated AC/DC withstand (ACW/DCW), insulation resistance (IR), AC ground bond (AC GB), ground continuity (GC), touch current (TC), and run testing (RT) features combine in a single solution. The series blends multiple combinational testing tools with one-step testing functionality to increase test efficiency.

Two Function Performance at Once

DualCHEK functionality supports simultaneous execution of hipot and ground bond testing to improve testing efficiency.

Fast Discharge, Faster to Safety

AR exclusive patent right on fast discharge function to help DUT expeditiously releases any excess electricity within 50ms, ensuring maximum operator safety.

Hot Hipot Testing

The tester is capable of performing hipot tests while the DUT is powered on, and complies with China Standard GB/T 12350-2009 for more demanding quality tests.

Real-World Human Body Simulation

Seven different human-body-simulation measuring devices (MD) create a diversity of possibilities for replicating real-world conditions.


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AC Source-500VA-500VA
Dimension (WxHxD, mm)430x133x500

*500VA and meets 200mA short circuit requirements.