We have a trade-in discount program.

When you buy one of our new testers, or power sources, send us your old instrument and we’ll give you a credit toward the purchase of any of our instruments.
See the chart below to find your trade-in discount.*


Tester Being PurchasedDiscount of Purchase Price (USD)
ARI Hypot®$150
ARI Hyamp®$200
ARI HypotULTRA®$250
ARI HypotMAX®$250
ARI LineCHEK®$250
ARI SC6540$200
SCI 290 Series$100
SCI 260 Series$150
SCI 440 Series$240
EEC 8505, 8512$240
EEC 8520, 8530, 8540$400
EEC 8560, 430XAC 460XAC$600

Trade-ins are never used for resale or repair – we ensure they’re responsibly recycled. Recycle Icon

*Terms and Condition

  • You must purchase a new tester in order for the credit to apply. Trade-in credit is based on the replacement tester being purchased. Trade-in discounts cannot be combined with any other offer or discount promotion.
  • Customer is responsible for covering all costs necessary to return the competitive unit to Ikonix.
  • Ikonix products do not have to be return. Customer need to provide the model and serial number for documentation on instrument out of services.
  • Customer needs to complete a scrap authorization form for competitive unit trade-ins, or provide written confirmation on company letterhead that Ikonix can scrap the instrument.