Backed Up by the Industry's Leading Warranty

Breakdowns can happen at any time, particularly in the demanding manufacturing setting. Complicated equipment repair and replacement processes quickly add up to costly downtime. It pays to be prepared. That's why IKONIX's industry-leading warranty streamlines the process to get operations back online as quickly as possible with three-year coverage for flagship models and two years regular model products. The IKONIX Standard Warranty package covers all parts in keeping with the terms and conditions of normal usage under anticipated circumstances. We place a premium on the reliability of our products, which is why we guarantee repair or replacement of parts free of charge if a product failure does occur. We strive to make the process as painless as possible by promising hassle-free, rapid repairs that will have your equipment up and running as quickly as possible.


Applied to All Associated Research and SCI products. eec apply to 8500 series and 400XAC series.
Applied to eec APAC only product including 6900S series, 6700 series, 6300 series, 6500 series, ESM-500 MultiPRO series and SE 7441.
Global warranty. Complete customer care around the world. For any defect, the customer can send back the instrument to the office at Ikonix USA, Ikonix Asia, and Ikonix Taiwan. *APAC only model does not apply.

All equipment manufactured by IKONIX have not only undergone meticulous manufacturing procedures, but also endured rigorous testing at our Quality Assurance department to ensure their pinnacle quality. During the period of equipment use, IKONIX provides both aftersales service and technical counseling. We also guarantee to repair or replace any defects and parts free of charge during the warranty period; however, IKONIX will not provide free of charge service and will charge an appropriate fee upon the following situations:

  1. If users have modified the wiring or function, attempted repair, caused external or internal damage to the machine due to human factors, incorrectly powered the machine, incorrectly grounded or have not followed the manual when operating the machine, causing abnormalities.
  2. If damage occurs to warranty period equipment due to abnormal use, negligence, noncontrollable factors such as earthquakes, floods, fire, or riots, then the equipment is not eligible for warranty period repairs.
  3. For malfunctions of products outside the warranty period, based on the test results, IKONIX will propose either repair or disposal and will charge an appropriate fee according to the exact situation.
  4. When an equipment malfunctions, please state the malfunctions and pack the equipment suitably with its original packaging and mail it back to our factory. If you have lost the original packaging, please contact our customer service representative for further assistance.