Backed Up by the Industry's Leading Warranty

Breakdowns can happen at any time, particularly in the demanding manufacturing setting. Complicated equipment repair and replacement processes quickly add up to costly downtime. It pays to be prepared. That's why IKONIX's industry-leading warranty streamlines the process to get operations back online as quickly as possible with three-year coverage for flagship models and two years regular model products. The IKONIX Standard Warranty package covers all parts in keeping with the terms and conditions of normal usage under anticipated circumstances. We place a premium on the reliability of our products, which is why we guarantee repair or replacement of parts free of charge if a product failure does occur. We strive to make the process as painless as possible by promising hassle-free, rapid repairs that will have your equipment up and running as quickly as possible.

Standard Warranty

Flagship Models 3 Years

Safety Tester
ESA Series
7630 Touch Current Tester


AC Power Source
EAB Series
EAC Series

Standard Models 2 Years

Safety Tester
SE Series
EST-300 Series
EPV-500 Series
7480 1kVA AC Withstand Voltage Tester
7470 Series
8200 Series
7300 Series
ESD Series
7006 Matrix Scanner


AC Power Source
6900S Series
6600 Series
6700 Series
6500 Series
6300 Series

Warranty Limitations and Specifications

Our warranty covers all IKONIX products against material and workmanship-related defects and guarantees that all IKONIX products conform to the company’s published product specifications. Items and circumstances not covered under the conditions of the warranty include visible misuse or abuse of the product, user negligence, or damage incurred during shipping. The warranty also does not cover damage or failure that is the result of improper or inadequate maintenance or calibration of the product by the customer. Furthermore, coverage does not apply to use of the product by unauthorized parties; use of customer-provided software, interfacing, or supplies; any unauthorized modifications made to the product or improper use of the product; improper site preparation; or use outside the product's published environmental specifications.

For specific warranty coverage, refer to the terms and conditions.
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