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Beyond Standard Hipot testing – 20kV Withstand Voltage Tester

【EXTECH Explores】    A 5 min Read What is Hipot testing anyway? It is a simple test where applying an “ideal” value of high voltage to the insulation barrier of the DUT and ensure there is no breakdown. It is also the easiest way to verify on the product’s quality and safety on operations. The …

IEC 60601 3 Key Tests to Ensure the Electrical Safety of Blood Pressure Monitor

A 5 min Read Since the COVID-19 outbreak, people realize the key to combat this pandemic is to stay safe and healthy. In other word, means stay at home and maintain a healthy lifestyle by home exercising. Home-use medical devices are also getting popular in monitoring this process. Especially the blood pressure monitor (also known …

The 2 Key Rising Industries in 2022

The year of 2022 starts with the two most anticipated events as they set as an anchor for many industries. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in USA and China’s “14th Five-Year” digital economic development plans were released. Where many innovative technologies and novel products were introduced, and likely many followers may soon in the bandwagon. …

One-stop Solution to Improves IEC 60601-1 Electrical Safety Testing Efficiency

Nowadays, people are more aware of their health importance and keep a close eye on it. Besides regular health check-ups with doctors, many people would rely on home-use personal health monitor devices for daily health checks to identify early signs of health issues. Aside from device accuracy, people care about the quality, reliability, and safety …

The Electric Danger Surround You

When Thomas Edison attempted to prove the danger of Alternating Current (AC) by launching a series of inhume smudging campaigns of electrocuting animals. It has successfully incepted onto people’s minds. In the movie “The Current War”, vividly illustrated how a hefty horse fall instantly when it engages AC. But, the query remains on how danger …