Hypot®Series Electrical Safety Tester


As Compact and Versatile As Ever

The Hypot® ( formerly known as eec EST-300 ) safety tester's compact size does not compromise the device's performance or reliability. The series delivers high testing efficiencies that show in every detail. The built-in ARC detection feature — utilized by many top-tier manufactures - detects abnormal circuit shorts, preventing poor gap spacing that can cause dielectric breakdowns while enhancing quality assurance. The ramp-high and charge-low functions increase efficiency, eliminating common errors from the DUT's test results caused by current overshoots and faulty connections.


Safety and Productivity Features

AC Hipot

DC Hipot

Ground Continuity

Insulation Resistance

▼Supported BrandsADATA、Apotop、Ridata、SanDisk、Team、Transcend、Kingston、Verbatim
Barcode Capability
▼Supported BrandsCINO, Honeywell, AIDA, DENSO

WithStand Compatible

Thinner and Lighter

Crafted to the size of a piece of A4 paper and weighing only 5.5kg, the tester is designed to be extremely compact, making it ideal for any spatially confined environment.

3-in-1 System

Fully integrated AC/DC withstand, and insulation resistance testing features into a single solution. Capable of performing multiple combinational testing features into a one-step testing function to increase the testing efficiency.

Accuracy that Eliminate Misjudgments

Ramp-high and charge-low functions increase testing efficiency by eliminating judgment errors — common during current overshoots and faulty connections from the DUT's test results.

Fast Discharge, Faster to Safety

The Hypot series' patented fast-discharge helps the DUT to quickly and efficiently release excess electricity within 50ms, ensuring maximum operator safety.

Your Quality Assurance

Get peak quality assurance for your products with ARC detection capability and eliminate poor gap spacing that may be damaged during shipping and cause dielectric breakdowns.


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IR- 1kVdc/50GΩ- 1kVdc/50GΩ
Dimension (WxHxD, mm)215x88.1x300