Built to make complicated test easy. The all-new SCI Safety Testing Lines

Taipei, Taiwan, April 6, 2021 – Ikonix Taiwan Co., the leader in safety testing instruments and solutions today announced the release of the brand new SCI product line into electric safety testing family. This line is simply designed with only the features that is needed to get the job done while maintain high quality and …

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Safety Testers

SCI 290 Series Hipot Tester

Safety made Simple The SCI 290 series hipot tester is designed to make testing as simple as it can get. Combining straightforward controls, user-friendly display in a rugged, lightweight and durable package, the SCI 290 series provides all the basics and helps taking the hassle out of the testing process.

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DC Power Source

EGB-300 AC/DC Ground Bond Tester

EX Series is a single output programmable DC power source delivers high performance and efficiency for various applications. Expand on overall work productivity by interconnecting with RS232C, RS485, USB, TCP/IP(optional) interfaces that follow SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) protocol. The EX series bench-top design makes it a versatile solution for designing and testing requirement in various industries such as Industrial fields, R&D and educational fields.

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