IKONIX owns and operates industry-leading test and measurement brands across the globe. We manufacture electrical safety compliance instruments and power sources to help our customers conform to safety standards and regulations. Driven by building long-term relationships, IKONIX provides knowledge and expertise to our customers throughout the entire lifecycle of their product. Laying the foundation for our mission to expand globally has allowed us to successfully compete in the global market. IKONIX currently has three operating branches, Ikonix USA, Ikonix Taiwan, and Ikonix Asia. Learn more about us at ikonix.com.


Lake Forest, Illinois
Located 38 miles north of Chicago.


We are customer-focused and passionate. We work to build close relationships with our customers so we can help them achieve their goals.


Over 40 organizations represent our divisions around the world.


We provide equipment to over 3,000 organizations each year.

Our Product Brands

For over 80 years, Associated Research has shaped the Electrical Safety Compliance Industry with our innovative test and measurement solutions. Learn more about Associated Research at arisafety.com.

SCI has been providing customers exactly the features they need for over 60 years. We aim to simplify the Electrical Safety Industry for our customers. Learn more about SCI at hipot.com.

eec is redefining the Power Conversion Industry by enabling our customers to design better products with our intuitive Power Sources and software. Learn more about eec at eecsources.com.

How We Do Business

Go Above and Beyond for Our Customers

We impress our customers with the highest quality products and services. We respect our customers’ needs and factor them into every business decision we make. We empathize with our customers and design products, resources, and processes with their experiences in mind.

Develop Honest Relationships

We build long-term relationships with our customers, business partners, and coworkers through honest and open communication. We treat each other with integrity and respect.

Strive to Improve

We encourage creative thinking and problem-solving from employees at all levels. We do not settle for old solutions to new problems. We continually improve by embracing change and questioning “the way it’s always been done” as the “right way.”

Build a Supportive Team

We create a positive, supportive environment through cooperation and collaboration. We recognize each other’s efforts and admit when we are wrong. We innovate by taking risks and “fail well” so that we may learn from our mistakes.

Nurture Growth and Development

We provide opportunities for personal and professional growth by teaching, training and learning from each other. We encourage our coworkers to achieve their goals and help them to be successful.

Lead by Example

We act as a responsible and ethical stakeholder in the community. We demonstrate our integrity by implementing policies and procedures that are honest and transparent.

Think Globally

We seek out the opportunities and address the risks posed by a global economy. We provide all of our customers across the globe with the same level of service and responsiveness.

Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

We live healthy and balanced lifestyles by treating our work lives and personal lives with equal respect. We provide resources for employees to improve their health and wellness and reward them for their efforts. We respect each other’s individuality and remember to have fun at work.