260 Series Ground Bond Testers


Safety made Simple

Our 260 Series makes Ground Bond testing simple. Choose between two easy-to-use Ground Bond testers that provide the output current to satisfy standard specifications. With an intuitive interface that allows you to set-up a test in seconds and practical security settings, our 260 Series can easily be deployed in both laboratory and production line environments.

Safety and Productivity Features

Test Setup Memories

Frequency Selection



Regulated Output



Safety Agency Listed

Simple Operation

Simple and intuitive knob operation, setting the testing parameters in no time.
Push button design suitable for labor intensive production line or maintenance units

Easy and fast memory setting

Intuitive and efficient programming on the parameter setting on each memory.
UP to 5 Programmable memories to optimize testing efficiency on different DUTs.

Compact Design

Ease of moving is critical for equipment used on the production floor. The most compact size of 260 series weighs just 4.3* kg and takes up no more than the space of a pile of A4 papers, freeing up precious space and providing more mobility.

*Model 264

40A or 60A Powerful Output

SCI 260 series comes with two different power output selection, a 40A AC BG or 60A AC GB in accommodating different industry DUTs requirements.

High accuracy ground bond testing

Milliohm auto-offset function ensure accurate results for R&D in the product design, or on production line quality.


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Dimension (WxHxD, mm)215 x 88 x 300430 x 132 x 300