Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. Cloud storage of tests and data.
WithStand® Desk is a stand-alone application program without the need for network connectivity.

With our software as a service platform, Withstand, you can easily record, track, and store your data. Withstand is a cloud-based software and storage platform with a PC interface. Efficiently set-up and run tests for both Associated Research and SCI testers. Fully compatible with your Hypot®, HypotULTRA®, OMNIA® II, HypotMAX®, 620L, SC6540 Multiplexers, SCI 290 Series, 260 Series and 440 Series. Cloud storage ensures that your tests and data will never be lost or altered - all information is stored immediately to the cloud for access at any time. Additional capability to store test results and test files locally for more sensitive sequences and data.

Barcode Connection
Improve your testing with a quick barcode scan. Quickly associate all your data with the model and serial of your DUT. Autoload test files to ensure the correct test is always performed.


Test Reports
Easily print out Test Reports with all of your captured test data associated from your instrument and DUT. This is a quick and simple way to provide traceability showing that your product has passed all required safety tests.


Remote Instrument Connection
Access your data from any PC with your valid user login.


Auto-File Loading
Scan your product's barcode and automatically load and run the correct test sequence. Removes all user error from the production line.


Unlimited Users
The subscription for WithStand is based on your number of instruments, not the amount of people who need to access the platform, giving your team flexibility to run tests and store data.


Premium Add-On Features
Add additional instruments for platform control, create custom print reports, invest in platform and system training consultation with our Applications team, and look forward to more features being added each quarter.


Feature Comparison


WithStand® Cloud

WithStand® Desk

Full Series Compatibility

Setup Tests

Save Data Locally

Save Test Files Locally

Print Reports

Custom Print Reports

User Login


Cloud Data Storage


Online SaaS Platform