【Pure Power, Pure Performance】Introducing the fundamental definition of power, the new eec 8500 series AC power source manual mode. Request for demo today!

Ikonix, April 26th,2023 – Ikonix is please to introduce the new manual mode on eec 8500 series AC power source that delivers the same powerful performance meeting the basic need of power sources for the manufacturers. After Ikonix completed its product consolidation in Jan 1st, 2023, this consolidation allows us to strengthen each brand’s core product in a global perspective. The eec brand has been focusing on the powering production™. The new eec 8500 manual mode delivers same great performance as the standard and advanced modes. Combines with the current standard and advanced modes, makes the eec 8500 suitable for different customer in powering production....

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New Product Changes You Must Know

Taipei, Taiwan – Starting January 1st, 2023, Ikonix will complete full brand consolidation. Ikonix’s three iconic brands will be Associated Research, SCI, and eec. Associated Research will be the main brand offering premium electrical safety testers for leading manufacturers to optimize their production. SCI is an ideal solution for small to medium-volume manufacturers who need a simple tester to get their job done. The eec electrical safety tester lines will be transitioned to the Associated Research brand, except for the highly specialized ESM-500 MultiPRO series. The eec will offer a wide range of powerful performance and precision AC power sources for production line testing requirements.

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