In recent years, the accelerated growth of the semiconductor market can attribute to the development in 5G, IoT, and AI industries. The new generation semiconductor is rolled out to implement the advanced features of the higher technologies. It adopts new materials – SiC and GaN, which now can withstand higher voltage and larger current. In many of the applications that use the latest generation semiconductor, the electrical safety of the isolator is the most important. In response to the demand for the semiconductor, the increase in manufacturing equipment continues. As there is a saying, act in haste, repent at leisure. The manufacturers must ensure semiconductor devices and manufacturing equipment are safe and in compliance. Semiconductor-related standards have established electrical safety testing requirements for product design and production lines. The semiconductor devices (isolators) electrical safety standards include UL 1577 and IEC 60747-5-5. And semiconductor manufacturing equipment is SEMI S22. The required testing criteria include Hipot, GB, and leakage current test. The isolator with reinforced insulation protection should conduct a discharge test with ultra-high testing voltage. Ikonix safety tester and AC source provide complete electrical safety testing for the semiconductor industry’s different needs and ensure the safety tests from R&D to production line have consistency. The end-users have high-quality and safe products.

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