Ikonix Calibration: Ensuring the Instrument Performance at its Service

Taipei, Taiwan – Ikonix, a global leader in the manufacturing of electrical safety compliance instruments and power sources, is excited to announce the launch of the Ikonix Calibration service in the APAC region. Responding to customer demands, Ikonix has developed a comprehensive solution that not only delivers top-quality, precise instruments but also ensures swift calibration, guaranteeing instrument accuracy and precision throughout its service life.

"Calibrating electrical safety testers and power sources used in production is a critical function for reducing a manufacturer’s liability in case of product failures that may harm the consumer public. An NRTL mark and a current calibration certificate provides marketplace confidence in a product's electrical safety, as auditors rigorously verify proper calibration and traceable measurements. The demand for calibration is high among APAC customers; however, several challenges, such as significant turnaround times and the inability to calibrate to Ikonix’s instrument specifications," explained Shannon Sivak, Ikonix Director of Global Sales. "This is why we have extended our services to our APAC offices. Ikonix not only provides highly precise and quality instruments, but we now also offer a calibration service to maintain that high precision according to product specifications throughout the instrument's usage cycle, serving as a one-stop solution for our customers. Additionally, by calibrating your Ikonix product with us, you receive an additional one-year extended warranty. The calibration service will be available in our Malaysia and Taiwan offices starting Dec. 1, 2023."

Ikonix Calibration Benefits

  • Rapid Turnaround: Calibration is completed in just 5 business days, minimizing equipment downtime, reducing work disruptions, and enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.
  • Traceability and Accuracy: We provide certification ensuring that calibration, measurements, and adjustments are traceable and accurate.
  • Comprehensive Calibration: Our calibration is conducted based on Ikonix's instrument specification scope, ensuring a thorough calibration and adjustment across all measurement ranges, rather than merely calibrating a few basic points.
  • Accredited Calibration: In contrast to simple calibration verification, our process includes traceable and verified measurements to a national metrological institute. Out-of-tolerance values are calibrated and rechecked to a traceable value.
  • Extended Warranty: Calibrate annually with us, we’ll extend your warranty an additional year for the service life of your tester, and at least five years after discontinuation.

Ikonix Calibration is available in two formats, with or without data. Our sales representatives are available for consultations to determine the most suitable option based on specific needs.

For more information about Ikonix Calibration and its extensive benefits, please contact us.

About Ikonix: 

IKONIX owns and operates industry-leading test and measurement brands across the globe. We manufacture electrical safety compliance instruments and power sources to help our customers conform to safety standards and regulations. Driven by building long-term relationships, IKONIX provides knowledge and expertise to our customers throughout the entire lifecycle of their product. Laying the foundation for our mission to expand globally has allowed us to successfully compete in the global market. IKONIX currently has three operating branches, Ikonix USA, Ikonix Taiwan, and Ikonix Asia.