3 Efficient Insights Found in EV Battery Testing

Over the COVID pandemic period, the automotive and other supply chains have faced various challenges, including increased freight costs and a shortage of EV cells and materials. Some governments advocate to build a homegrown EV battery facility as the remedy to minimize the impact. There is an increasing trend where EV battery manufacturing supply chains take action in moving their production line locally to reduce the risk of relying on overseas suppliers and achieving a steady-state supply. Here are some of the insights we like to share.

Doesn’t Faster Mean Efficient?

Yes! And many customers asked us if shortening the test time could increase their production line efficiency and capacity. In fact, many standards’ routine tests (also known as the production line test) allow you to increase the testing voltage to shorten the test time to 1 second. But the devil is in detail. While instrument performance and compliance are important, the key is also to shorten the process. With the following three tips, you may further optimize your production line efficiency.

  1. Choose the right solution

In some testing, there are various of steps involves, take battery for instance. To conduct an electrical safety Hipot testing, it is required to apply a high voltage between positive terminal and chassis, negative terminal and chassis, and positive terminal and negative terminal. Therefore, you may need to switch the testing cable back and forth.
An efficient way to do it is to add a Multiplexer with a safety tester. Where you just need to connect the battery’s positive terminal, negative terminal, and chassis to it. Then, set up the testing steps. Also, an 8-channel scanner can connect 2 battery DUTs. Without complex cable connecting, you can one click to conduct the multi-point test on multiple DUTs. The Multiplexer helps you save time on wire changing, simplifies the testing process, and enhances testing accuracy.

  1. Adopting technology into the production line

Besides the tester, new technology such as SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud platform allows you to easily record, track, and store your data and efficiently set up and run tests for your testers. All information is stored immediately, so your test files and data will never be lost or altered. This help eliminates data transfer delays and reduces human error. WithStand® is Associated Research's new SaaS platform. In addition to remote cloud storage of tests and data, it also offers a barcode connection to quickly associate all your data with the model and serial of your DUT and autoload test files to ensure the correct test is always performed.

  1. Training your employees.

There is a saying, “Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.” Everyone on the production line should have a good grasp of the entire testing process and know how to use the instrument. Especially, electrical safety testing is dangerous and can pose risks to employees. Training employees on how to use them ensure they don’t injure themselves, which can lead to a temporary closure of your production unit. Ikonix offers application consultants with years of on-site experience designed to provide your team with hands-on training for your production line or R&D lab. Our application engineers will help you overcome challenges and mitigate risks in your electrical safety testing.

Oftentimes manufacturers care about the instrument performance while neglecting the other details. Instrument paired with Multiplexer, remote software, and well-trained operators is a better way to increase efficiency and boost productivity.

Many EV battery manufacturers rely on Associated Research to optimize production line safety compliance to the UL 2580 (Batteries for Use in Electric Vehicles). In general, manufacturers should perform Hipot and Insulation Resistance tests on their products. They took our recommended solution to choose HypotULTRA® model 7850 with a built-in scanner module paired with our WithStand® software. If you need hands-on help, we offer application consultants to help you and your team understand the electrical safety tests and improve testing efficiency and productivity. If you are interested to learn more about HypotULTRA®, WithStand®, or application consultants, please contact us today.