Ikonix Asia delivers the next-generation production line of quality testing solutions for today's leading automobile manufacturers.

The current wave of innovation in automobiles has altered the basic design and features of the traditional automobile and increasing complexity with innovative motors, ubiquitous electronics, a variety of digital services, and connectivity systems. With new and sophisticated electronic technologies, automobile manufacturers use our safety testers and AC power sources to carry out quality checks before products leaves the factory.

eec An Ikonix brand lists EV-related electrical safety standards and test methods and provides you with a complete solution to solve your testing challenges. The EV industry covers a wide range of sectors. To introduce EV electrical tests in detail, this application paper is divided into two volumes. In Volume 1, we introduce the charging station/system and accessories-related standards and testing methods. And Volume 2 covered EV battery, motor, and DC/DC converters.

To learn more about EV electrical safety testing, please download Industry Application Paper now.

EV Application Paper vol.1
EV Application Paper vol.2

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