PT Series Switching Type Programmable DC Power Source

PT Series Switching Type Programmable DC Power Source

Slim and Compact, Surpass in Performance

PT Series is high- performance and high- efficiency programmable DC Power Supply which has the 200W or 400W capacity selection. PT Series supports RS-232C and RS-485 interface based on SCPI Protocol. PT Series has the flexibility to be installed either in benchtop type or be mounted in a 19" standard rack for fit in different space setting.

Compact in Size

Designed with dimension: 70mm x 125.5mm x 350mm (W x H x D), and weight only approximately 4.2kg, make this compact and flexible for any environment settings.

Simple to Operate

Two simple encoders control voltage and current independently for easy operation. Up to 10 built-in memory settings that are able to store and recall quickly to the preset parameters.

Full Protection, Full Safety

Built-in with OVP (Over Voltage Protection) and OCP (Over Current Protection) protection mode to block the output during use or protect the source from overload when an excessive voltage and current are being outputted. This provides safety to the operator even if an act of negligence.

Flexibility in Control

Build-in with RS232C and RS 485 as standard (TCP/IP) for PC control in the automation process.


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Output Voltage20V50V100V200V
Output Current10A20A6.6A13A2A4A1A2A
Ripple & Noise≤10mVrms≤15mVrms≤10mVrms≤15mVrms
Voltage Accuracy40mV100mV200mV400mV
Current Accuracy40mA60mA12mA24mA6mA12mA3mA6mA
AC InputSingle phase 110~240VAC ± 10% / 50~60Hz
Dimension70mm(W) × 125.5mm(H) × 350mm(D) / 4.2kg