OPE-Q / OPE-QI Series Linear Programmable DC Power Source

OPE-Q / OPE-QI Series Linear Programmable DC Power Source

Four Channel Power Source, Economical in Value

OPE-Q Series and OPE-QI Series are valuable high-performance 4 channel linear programmable DC power source come in COM or Isolated Type; 4 channels with 2 variable output and 2 fixed output. Built-in with RS232C or RS485 interface (SCPI Protocol) connectivity. The OPE series bench-top design makes it a versatile solution for designing and testing requirement in various industries such as Industrial fields, R&D and educational fields.

Control Two Channels In One Button

Optimize the efficiency of power supply in manufacture's production line with tracking mode function. This allows powering up to two channels with the same voltage, current and all function in one button, this is extremely beneficial when one channel is already occupied in one production line and is ready to expand on other.

Memory Recall and Restore

Built-in memory settings that are able to store and recall quickly to the preset parameters. Even when a user is not an engineer, he or she can easily apply this function that is stored in advance to inspect product production or run the reliability test to get the job done.

Easy to Read Display

OPE-QI Series has a large display with 3-digits resolution and simultaneously display both channel information.

Accountable Precision Measurement

OPE-Q/QI Series delivers a reliable high precision voltage and current measurements in both Programming Accuracy and Read-back Accuracy.


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Output Rating0~±80V, 0~2A, 2 Channel
Fixed Output 2 Channel
0~±100V, 0~1A, 2 Channel
Fixed Output 2 Channel
0~±120V, 0~1A, 2 Channel
Fixed Output 2 Channel
Programming/Read back Resolution≤30mV/≤0.8mA≤40mV/≤0.5mA≤50mV/≤0.5mA
Display Meter Resolution100mV/10mA1V/10mA
Programming/Read back Accuracy
Ripple & Noise≤6mVp-p, ≤2mArms≤0.01%mVrms, ≤ 2mArms
Voltage Programming Speed(No load)Rising time: <70ms
Falling time: <1.2s
Dimension (mm)
Width x Height x Depth
213x88x362 (2U)