LP Series Programmable DC Electronic Load

LP Series Programmable DC Electronic Load

High Performance, High Precision

LP Series is an efficient programmable electric load with up to 2,000W capacity. It also has an RS-232C, RS-485, USB remote control interface based on SCPI Protocol (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) for further system expansion to optimizes work productivity.

Flexible Control and Adjustments

Operators have the flexibility to control and set on current, voltage, or both for meeting various testing applications such as power supply, batteries, charging devices and etc.

Various Test Modes

Operators can set CV, CC, CR, Dynamic, Cycling modes to optimize efficiency on the various test application

Fast Slew Rate

The fast slew rate mode enables the user to control the rising and falling speed of voltage and current at the desired values for their applications.

Analog Interface

The 10V analog output and 5V analog input available to provide the user with an easy setup to control the LP series.


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LP-A (60V)LP-B (250V)LP-C (500V)
Operation Range
CC Mode: RangHigh:0~maximum current, Low: 0~10% maximum current
CC Mode: ResolutionL: 100mA, H: 1AL : 10mA, H : 100mA
CC Mode: Accuracy± 0.1% ± 75mA~400mA± 0.15% ± 10mA~64mA± 0.15% ± 5mA~64mA
CR Mode: Rang High1.5~6000Ω38~20,000Ω167~100,000Ω
CR Mode: Rang Mid0.15~600Ω3.8~2,000Ω16.7~10,000Ω
CR Mode: Rang Low0.06~1Ω0.03~24Ω0.067~100Ω
CR Mode: Accuracy High & Mid0.3%±100mΩ0.3%±1mΩ
CR Mode:Accuracy Low0.8%±8mΩ0.8%±200mΩ
Ripple Noise4~30mA(rms) / 40~300mA(p-p)
1~6.4mA(rms) / 10~64mA(p-p)
0.5~3mA(rms) / 5~30mA(p-p)
Cycling ModeMax 100stap/50ms~86,400s Delay Time/CC, CV Mode support.
Dynamic ModeA, B 2 channel Memory/0.1ms~4s Cycle Time/6~94% Cycle Duty/CC, CV Mode Support.
Slew RateCC MODE-Low : 10step, HI : 10step / Mode : 9step
ProtectionOVP, OPP, OTP(Heatsink Temperature 105°C)
Analog INPUT/OUTPUTVoltage, current Analog output(0~10V)/Remote Sensing(5Vdc between sense and Load input)
Remote InterfaceRS-232, RS-485, USB, TCP/IP(Option)
Dimension (mm)213x133x530, 426x133x560, 426x176x630

* Exclusive for LP-200C:
CC Mode Resolution: Low: 1mA, High : 10mA
CR Mode Accuracy: High&Mid: 0.3%±5Ω, Low: 0.8%±500mΩ