EX Series Switching Type Programmable DC Power Source

EX Series Switching Type Programmable DC Power Source

High Performance, High Efficiency, Highly Compact

EX Series is a single output programmable DC power source delivers high performance and efficiency for various applications. Expand on overall work productivity by interconnecting with RS232C, RS485, USB, TCP/IP(optional) interfaces that follow SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) protocol. The EX series bench-top design makes it a versatile solution for designing and testing requirement in various industries such as Industrial fields, R&D and educational fields.

Slim Type

EX Series slim design delivers high power efficiencies, up to 2500W of power is packed into a standard 19-inch 1U(44mm) height size. This is a breakthrough in size and weight when compared to the Linear DC power source.

Full Protection, Full Safety

Built-in with OVP (Over Voltage Protection) and OCP (Over Current Protection) protection mode to block the output during use or protect the source from overload when an excessive voltage and current are being outputted. This provides safety to the operator even if an act of negligence.

Dual Control Encoder

EX series dual control encoder enhances the controlling of voltage and current setting speed faster when compared to single control encoder. With the intuitive and user-friendly design, even the inexperienced user can get it hands-on easily and quickly.

Memory Recall and Restore

Built-in memory settings that are able to store and recall quickly to the preset parameters. Even when a user is not an engineer, he or she can easily apply this function that is stored in advance to inspect product production or run the reliability test to get the job done.


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1U Size(600W~2.5KW)
2U Size (3.75W~5KW)
4U Size (6KW~10KW)
High Capacity (10KW~100KW)
Output Rating
Line & Load Regulation
≤ 0.1%
Programming Accuracy
Read back Accuracy
Ripple & Noise
(@20Mhz)RMS Value
Display Resolution0.1~0.01V/0.01~0.001A0.1~0.01V/0.1~0.001A0.1~0.01V/0.01~0.001A--
Dimension (mm)
Width x Height x Depth
426x44x550426x88x550426x176x5508U: 426x352x550
Rack Mount: 600x800~2000x900
Efficiency (Typical)80~85%