EAC Series Programmable 1 Phase/3 Phase AC Power Source

EAC Series Programmable 1 Phase/3 Phase AC Power Source

One Power Workstation, Three Power Transmission

The EAC series is a single workstation capable of independently outputting single-phase, tri-phase, and DC power. The new External Trigger technology features synchronize waveforms for conducting effortless analysis. Free from the limitations of a single power system mode, the EAC series is suitable for any power source system used in laboratories and R&D departments.


Over Current Protection

Over Voltage Protection

Over Power Protection

Over Temperature Protection

Short Current Circuit

Reverse Current Protection

Safety and Productivity Features

OC Fold



Angle Setting

Programmable Output Switching

The series delivers programmable 1Φ/3Φ/DC output power in a single unit.

Progammable output switching
Synchronous signal capture

Synchronous Signal Capture

Synchronic signal output (ON/OFF/EVENT/External Trigger) functionality provides a useful tool for external monitoring, triggering use, and power analysis.

High Loading Capacity

The series supports withstand inrush current up to four times the rated current, making it suitable for any high-inrush current loads (e.g., motors and compressors).

High loading capacity
Customizable output waveform

Customizable Output Waveform for Various Simulations

Adjustable starting and ending angle of the output waveform to simulates any operational circumstances.

Power of OCF

EEC proprietary Over Current Fold (OCF) function automatically adjust voltages, maintaining current for activating the DUT.

Power of OCF over current
PFC - save energy

Design With Energy Saving

The built-in active power factor correction (PF>0.97) allows efficient conversion of electrical power into productive output, consuming less power for additional energy savings.


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                                                         AC Output  

Max. Power 1Ø2W3kVA6kVA
Max. Power 1Ø3W 2kVA 4kVA
 Max. Power 3Ø4W 3kVA 6kVA
Max. Current 1Ø2W (0 - 150Vac)27.6A55.2A
Max. Current 1Ø2W (0 - 300Vac)13.8A27.6A
 Max. Current 1Ø3W (0 - 150Vac)  9.2A 18.4A
 Max. Current 1Ø3W (0 - 300Vac) 4.6A9.2A
 Max. Current 3Ø4W (0 - 150Vac) 9.2A18.4A
 Max. Current 3Ø4W (0 - 300Vac) 4.6A 9.2A
Phase1Ø2W, 1Ø3W, 3Ø4W
 Frequency Range40 - 1kHz Full Range Adjust
 Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)< 0.2%
 Crest Factor ≥3

                                                              DC Output  

 Max. Power3kW6kW
 Max. Current (0 - 210V)14.4A28.8A
 Max. Current (0 - 420V)7.2A14.4A


 Phase 1Ø1Ø or 3Ø
 Voltage200 - 240Vac ± 10%1Ø : 200 - 240Vac ± 10%
3Ø3W : 200 - 240Vac ± 10%
3Ø4W : 346 - 416Vac ± 10%
Frequency 47 - 63Hz
Power Factor0.97


Efficiency≥78% (at Full load)
 Dimensions (WxHxD, mm))430x400x500
 Net Weight 48kg 57kg

Current Firmware Version : V2.01.00