7630 Touch Current Tester

7630 Touch Current Tester

The Analyzer That Exceeds The Results

The 7630 series offers complete set of touch current analyzer options. The series features a variety of built-in measuring devices (MD) and testing conditions to simulate any environmental circumstances. The 7630 also integrates dynamic load monitoring capable of handling up to 40A DUT power. Remotely control the 7630 via RS-232 to form an automated testing system.

Real-World Human Body Simulation

Seven different human-body-simulation measuring devices (MD) and eight different testing fault condition simulations create a diversity of possibilities for replicating real-world conditions.


Large Current Capacity

The series easily measures up to 40A DUT power, making it suitable for large-current industrial products.

Detail At A Glance

Tester simultaneously displays voltage and touch current data on the measurement results for better readability.

Swappable MD

Swap and Start

Swappable measuring device (MD) enables faster calibrations, maintenance, and replacement.


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 Frequency15 - 1MHz
DUT Power40A/277Vac
Dimensions (WxHxD, mm)430x133x300
Weight 12kg

Current Firmware Version : V2.26.00