6600 Series Programmable AC Power Source

6600 Series Programmable AC Power Source

Designed with High Stability in Mind

The 6600 series programmable AC power source configures with PWM direct coupling output technologies to provide highly stable power. With a variety of interfaces to choose from, it is simple to integrate with a PC and create a remote operating system.


Over Current Protection

Over Voltage Protection

Over Power Protection

Over Temperature Protection

Short Current Circuit

Safety and Productivity Features

OC Fold


Angle Setting

V-Sense (Optional)

Design for Space Saving Without Sacrificing Any Detail

Delivering 5kVA with a height of only 222mm, the thin body and wide 9.8-inch panel display provides excellent data visibility without sacrificing test space.

6600 Programmable AC Power Source Details
wide range of frequencies for the 6600

Customizable Output Waveform for Various Simulations

The series features starting and ending phase angle settings for output waveforms as well as voltage spikes and dips wave simulation to recreate real-world conditions.

High Loading Capacity

Inrush current up to 4 times of the rated current, allowing the user to activate high inrush current loads (motor, compressor, etc) without additional power source capacity and thus minimize the equipment costs.

Power of OCF

EEC proprietary Over Current Fold (OCF) function automatically adjust voltages, maintaining current for activating the DUT.

The Choice of AC or DC

Optional DC output for up to 2.5kW allows businesses to match the ideal output to their needs and environment.

AC DC Power source


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                                           AC Output

Max. Power3kVA 5kVA
Max. Current (0 - 150Vac)27.6A 46.0A
Max. Current (0 - 300Vac) 13.8A 23.0A
Phase 1Ø/2W
 Frequency Range40 - 500Hz Full Range Adjust
 Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)< 0.2%
 Crest Factor ≥3

DC Output (Optional)

 Max. Power1.5kW2.5kW
Max. Current (0 - 200Vac)13.8A23.0A
 Max. Current (0 - 400Vac)6.9A11.5A


 Phase 1Ø
 Voltage 110/220Vac±10% 220Vac±10%
Frequency 47 - 63Hz
Power Factor >0.7


 Efficiency ≧ 80% (at Full load)
 Dimensions (WxHxD, mm)430x223x500
 Weight 57kg 65kg