4-in-1 Safety Test System (ACW, DCW, IR, GB)

4-in-1 Safety Test System (ACW, DCW, IR, GB)

4-in-1 Safety Test System

Build a 4-in-1 test system by interconnecting with EST-300 series and 7300 series or ESD. When two instruments are connected, users can execute AC/DC Hipot, insulation resistance, ground bond tests in compliance with safety standards. Furthermore, this combination offers upgrading flexibility for manufacture without sacrificing from their initial purchase and is an alternative solution to SE series. Manufactures who are looking to establish a basic complete testing system can take the advantage of this solution.

Standard 4-in-1 Safety Test System (Rack Mount)

Combines EST-330 (ACW+DCW+IR) +7314 (GB 40Aac) or ESD-140 (GB 40Adc) together to build the rack mount (standard 19-inch and 2U instrument) type of testing system which benefit manufacture who has limited amount of space.

Customer may choose the following combination suitable for their business needs.

2-in-1 EST-310 + 7314/ESD-140 (ACW + GB)

3-in-1 EST-320 + 7314/ESD-140 (ACW + IR + GB)

4-in-1 EST-330 + 7314/ESD-140 (ACW + DCW + IR + GB)