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The new technology rapidly changes the world every day, but one thing never changed is the importance of electrical safety. Therefore, all electrical products need to pass rigorous electrical safety tests to ensure their safety. An in-depth understanding of each safety criteria can help you efficiently to find the solutions.

Ikonix Asia Academy is an electrical safety standard and power source learning platform. Through our online seminar to help you improve the electrical safety tests related knowledge and skills. You will learn what is Hipot Test, Insulation Resistance Test, Ground Bond/Continuity Test, and Leakage Current Test and how to carry out those tests.

No matter you have relevant electrical safety standards and testing experience or not, Ikonix Aisa Academy has the right course for you. We also have a professional certification program that provides you the electrical safety certification to show your expertise.


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With the most basic testing overview to field technical knowledge and much more.

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Why Ikonix Aisa Professional Certification Program?

For people who are interested in electrical safety testing, the first challenge is how to prepare to get into this field. It is even more difficult for the technician who has work in this field for many years to prove their value. Ikonix has more than 85 years of electrical safety industry experience, deeply aware of what challenges and difficulties that you will face in this field. Therefore, we provide a professional certification program to build your expertise step by step.

By completing the program, you will have an understanding of related regulations, electrical product safety testing.  In the future, you will have the expertise and ability to provide the solution in safety and power related technologies and have more advantages in your career.

Ikonix Asia Professional Certification program is divided from entry to advance levels. With the complete range of certifications, you have the ability to earn your expertise and business needs.

Certification Paths

To receive a basic level certification, you will need to complete the 3 basic level courses and pass a basic comprehensive exam. Then, you can take 3 technical level courses and pass a technical comprehensive exam to receive EEC professional certificate.

Certification Courses

The complete course includes safety testing, power source and more. And divide from Basic and Technical levels:


Basic Course Syllabus

Technical Course Syllabus

  • Understand the Important of Electrical Safety Tests
  • What Governs the Hipot Test?
  • What is Hipot Test?

Testing the Ground Circuit

  • What is Ground?
  • What is Ground Bond Test?
  • What is Ground Continuity Test?

Leakage Current

  • The Leakage Current Test
  • Testing requirements
  • What is measured?
Intro to Power Source
  • Understand the Power Source
  • Benefit of Using Power Source
  • Power Source and Electric Safety Testing

A look at Circuit Theory

  • Circuit for electrical Safety
  • What is tested during each test
  • Arc Detection and Smart GFI

All You Need to Know about Electrical Testing

  • Brief Review Electrical Safety Testing
  • 500VA hipot testing

All You Need for Enhancing Electrical Safety Testing Knowledge

You could find all training materials and course sources here. (coming soon*)


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