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IEC 61000 Power Simulations. Simple, Often Forgotten, BUT Important.

【EXTECH Explores】    A 10 min Read   In 1965 Gordon Moore, one of Intel’s founder wrote the number of electronic components could crammed into an integrated circuit doubles every year. Know as the Moore’s law. As of 2020, that law is probably no longer applied. The technologies are so advanced in an exponential pace. …

Gradually moving towards post pandemic recovery. Is your business prepared?

We have entered the third year of COVID-19, and some governments decided to coexist with the virus and have conditionally agreed to ease restriction and embrace the recovery. By looking back on the economic effects of the pandemic, the production line had suffered a sharp drop in productivity due to a shortage of manpower. Simultaneously, …

Customers Care the Most in 2022

Here we’ve curated 3 of this year’s most-read e-newsletters that have covered some of the testing challenges that customers care about the most – how to improve the medical device testing efficiency, how to ensure the high-energy consuming products comply with the safety standards, and what is the commonalities of the smart cities’ electrical product …