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About Us

In 1997, Ikonix Group was established in USA as a private investment firm that specializes in global test and measurement companies. Our companies comprise design and manufacture leading electric safety tester and power sources in meeting quality demanded customer. The group may be young, however it has been family owned since 1936 and begin in name of Associated Research, later acquired Extech Electronics Co., a renowned electrical safety instrument company across Asia Pacific Region. Together, building the long history and good reputations recognized by clients in providing trustworthy instrument and total solution. Ikonix USA primarily serve western-based manufacturing companies while Ikonix Asia serve throughout Asia.

Our Brand Value



Since 1936, Ikonix Group instruments have tested billions of products around the globe. Over 80 years, our commitment on creating a safer world have not changed.


With persistency and consistency. Our safety testing canvass across a diversified industry experience and abide with the latest standards.


Our instruments spread across the global leading manufacturer and leading testing labs. We share the same vision with the customer on creating a safer world.


Why Ikonix?

Comprehensive in global standards. Uncompromised attitude  corporate culture. Protect customer’s products with quality and safety.Strong and solid built. Durable design and stable performance for harsh manufacturing environments.
Your quality goalkeeper. Delivering the highest accuracy, efficiency, and stable outputs to meet upmost demands.80 years of experience. Ikonix enriched know-how leads to consistency and quality in every DUT test results.
Highest protection guaranteed. With the most stringent quality control from design, the material used to production.Complete and reassure services. Our expert delivers carefree installations, settings, calibrations, technical services and etc. to get you online in no time.