Unlock Comprehensive Insights in Electrical Safety Testing for EVs

In recent years, the trend of transportation electrification and supportive policy momentum have driven significant growth and expansion in the Electric Vehicle (EV) market. Associated Research has been working closely with EV industry manufacturers since the early days to provide electrical safety testing solutions. Based on our experience, we offer comprehensive testing solutions for key elements of the EV industry and have created this complete EV electrical safety testing guideline, covering all relevant standards across the EV ecosystem, including those listed below.
Table of EV Electrical Safety Standards

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Recommended Electrical Safety Testing Solutions for the EV Industry

OMNIA II Multi-Function Electrical Safety Tester
The OMNIA®II Multi-Function Electrical Safety Tester is an ideal solution for this challenge. It integrates AC/DC withstand (ACW/DCW), insulation resistance, leakage current, and more into a single tester. It also offers optional built-in 500VA AC power sources or can be bundled with the EEC 8500 Series Programmable AC Power Source for rigorous leakage current testing.

HypotULTRA Series Electrical Safety Tester
HypotULTRA® Series Electrical Safety Tester, paired with the SC 6540 Multiplexer and WithStand® test software. The HypotULTRA® integrates ACW/DCW, IR, and GB tests into a single tester. Bundling it with SC 6540 Multiplexers creates a versatile multi-testing hub. This comprehensive electrical safety solution for charging station accessories not only enhances efficiency by reducing the need to switch test leads but also minimizes the risk of connection errors.

WithStand Test Software
By controlling the tester with WithStand® test software, test data can be easily recorded, tracked, and stored.