Associated Research Electrical Safety Testing Solutions for Production Line

Manufacturers often prioritize the quality of their products due to its significant impact on the company's reputation. Therefore, rigorous electrical safety testing on the production line is an important checkpoint to safeguard. The tester they use must deliver ideal performance for its application. With years of experience, Associated Research offers solutions tailored specifically for these manufacturers.

Key Considerations for Electrical Safety Testing

When it comes to ensuring electrical safety, Hipot, insulation resistance (IR), ground bond (GB)/continuity, and leakage current tests are commonly required by standards. Therefore, when in the process of selecting an appropriate tester, it is essential to consider several factors. First, the tester should be capable of conducting the specific tests required by the standards relevant to your product. Since some standards necessitate multiple types of tests, the versatility of the testing solution is vital. Additionally, the tester should meet the voltage or current range specifications needed for your testing requirements. Lastly, the production line is time-sensitive, so testing efficiency should also be taken into account.

Versatile Testing Solutions

Electrical safety testers come in various types, each tailored to different needs. Multi-function testers are designed to save space and improve testing efficiency by integrating multiple testing capabilities into a single unit. For instance, the HypotULTRA® Series Electrical Safety Tester combines Hipot, GB, and IR testing into one unit. Similarly, the OMNIA® II Multi-Function Electrical Safety Tester not only offers Hipot, GB, and IR testing but also includes leakage current testing in a single device to meet stricter testing requirements.

On the other hand, there are single-function testers available for more specific testing purposes. The Hypot® Series Electrical Safety Tester specializes in Hipot testing, while the HYAMP® Ground Bond Tester is dedicated to GB testing, and the LINECHEK® II Leakage Current Tester focuses solely on leakage current testing.

For unique needs that require ultra-high voltage Hipot testing exceeding 5kVac or 6kVdc, specialized Ultra-high Hipot testers like the HypotMAX® Series Electrical Safety Tester are also available.

Enhancing Efficiency with Additional Tools and Services

Besides testers, there exist additional tools and services that can significantly boost operators' ease of usage and safety, enhance testing efficiency, and maintain the accuracy of testers. These include:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): PPE stands as a favored choice among many customers purchasing testers, aiming to bolster operator safety and diminish the risks of electric shock. For instance, the electrical insulation mat effectively isolates operators from the ground during testing, serving as a crucial safety barrier. Furthermore, the signal tower light provides operators with a clear visual indication of the testing status, facilitating safe testing procedures.
  • Application Consulting: This service offers a standardized training package on-site or online, ensuring all operators possess equal proficiency in the electrical safety testing process. Moreover, it aids in overcoming testing hurdles and mitigating risks associated with electrical safety testing.
  • Testing Software: Software solutions like Withstand are designed to streamline test setup and execution, enhancing the efficiency of Associated Research products. With its capabilities, you can effortlessly record, track, and store your testing data for analysis and reference.
  • Calibration Services: These services ensure the precision and accuracy of instruments throughout their service life. Opting for annual calibration with us not only ensures the ongoing accuracy of your tester but also extends your warranty by an additional year.

At Associated Research, we recognize the importance of delivering reliable and effective solutions for electrical safety testing. Our comprehensive range of testers, which includes the HypotULTRA® Series Electrical Safety Tester, OMNIA® II Multi-Function Electrical Safety Tester, Hypot® Series Electrical Safety Tester, HYAMP® Ground Bond Tester, and LINECHEK® II Leakage Current Tester, offers versatile options to accommodate different testing requirements. However, our commitment goes beyond merely providing testers. We offer a range of additional tools and services, such as PPE, Application Consulting, Testing Software, and Calibration Services, all meticulously designed to enhance operator safety, testing efficiency, and overall effectiveness.

By selecting Associated Research, you not only gain access to top-quality products but also the assurance of a company dedicated to your satisfaction. Our 45-day full refund policy* enables you to confidently try our products risk-free. Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to our sales representatives.

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