Wrap Up 2023 with Three Key Highlights You Need to Know

As we approach the end of the year, we want to bring you back to the significant milestones that Ikonix achieved in 2023. Starting this year, we have entered a new chapter of product brands, committed to ensuring electrically safe products, and positioned our brand into three distinctive segments: Associated Research, SCI, and eec. Associated Research is our premium brand in electrical safety testing, dedicated to delivering high-quality electrical safety testers for leading manufacturers aiming to optimize their testing processes. SCI is the ideal solution for small to medium-volume manufacturers, offering a simple but effective testing solution. The eec brand focuses on delivering a wide range of powerful performance and precision AC power sources to meet production line testing requirements.

In addition, we are proud to introduce several new products and services. The new eec 8500 Manual mode is designed to meet basic power supply needs, joined by the Standard and Advanced modes, making the 8500 series a completed power source for various applications. The expansion of our successful Application Consulting to APAC territories, in helping manufacturers in both standardizing and customizing training courses to upskill their employees. The new WithStand® test software, available in both cloud-based and desktop versions, optimizes the test efficiency of our instruments to meet the demands of today’s Industry 4.0, where manufacturing processes increasingly focus on automation and system testing. Lastly, our Calibration service, a critical function for reducing a manufacturer’s liability in case of product failures, also ensures that instruments maintain accuracy and precision throughout their service life.

We have continued to share up-to-date knowledge on electrical safety testing. In 2023, we highlighted three of our most-engaged e-newsletters, addressing critical testing challenges at the forefront of customer concerns. These include ultra-high Hipot tests, optimizing testing efficiency, and creating a safer workplace. Please take a moment to read the highlights of these insightful newsletters.

No. 1 - IGBT Driver’s Safety Testing Procedures for Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Ensuring the optimal performance and safety of drivers involves testing their ability to withstand their nominating isolating voltage. Specifically, high-isolation and double-protection drivers require ultra-high testing voltages beyond the standard Hipot testing range of 1.2 kV to 5 kV, often reaching 7.2 kV or higher. Consequently, selecting a safe, accurate, and reliable high-voltage Hipot tester is essential to address this challenge. (Click to read more)

No. 2 - Insights for Efficient EV Battery Testing

A common concern among our clients is whether reducing test times can enhance production line efficiency. While certain standards allow a one-second test time by adjusting testing voltage, the main challenge lies in optimizing the entire testing process. Taking the battery as an example, its Hipot testing requires applying testing voltage to various testing points. Manual testing cable switching is time-consuming. Furthermore, if the operator connects the lead to the wrong test points, it can cause data inaccuracies, leading to inefficiency and extending the overall test time, possibly requiring redoing or even recalling the test. Therefore, a comprehensive solution is a must. This involves selecting the HypotULTRA®, Multiplexers, and testing software WithStand® to automate the testing process with one click. Additionally, training the operators with proper knowledge is another tip to optimize efficiency. (Click to read more)

  • Key Challenge: The electrical safety testing process is complex, and there is a possibility of human error during testing.
  • Recommend Solution: A comprehensive solution involves the selection of the HypotULTRA® and Multiplexers, accompanied by the testing software WithStand®, to automate the testing process. All operators are encouraged to attend the Application Consulting sessions to ensure proper testing operation and understanding.

No. 3 - 2 Little Things Quickly Make a Safer Workplace

After the post pandemic era, where unevenly skilled workforces returned. In manufacturing, workers lacking proper electrical safety knowledge, posing a significant workplace safety challenge. Additionally, the workplace setup must strictly adhere to OSHA compliance to prioritize safety. However, not every manufacturer possesses the relevant knowledge or equips the necessary tools to be effective in preventing potential workplace accidents and injuries. It is necessary to utilize Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and provide employees with comprehensive training. (Click to read more)

  • Key Challenge: Lack of knowledge in workstation safety and equipping relevant tools to prevent electric shock.
  • Recommend Solution: Utilization of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as DUT enclosure, ensures operators work safely. Additionally, Application Consulting helps equip personnel with electrical safety knowledge and fulfills workstation requirements.

As the year comes to an end, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. In 2024, we will continue sharing industry insights and valuable information on electrical safety tests.