How to Utilize Testing Software to Optimize Manufacturing Efficiency?

In the production line, electrical safety testing processes involve complex and repetitive tasks, from setup to cable connection and data collection. To enhance productivity, the manufacturing sector consistently improves efficiency through various methods, such as employing versatile all-in-one testers and multiplexers to handle intricate testing requirements. Alongside tester selection, there is a growing recognition among manufacturers of the significance of smart manufacturing, encompassing automation control, data collection, and analysis. These processes not only reduce the margin for human error but also enhance overall efficiency. Recently, many mid-to-small manufacturers have inquired about how Withstand® can improve their testing efficiency. Therefore, in this issue, we will explore how it can enhance your testing efficiency. Additionally, we would like to share a valuable tip to improve both efficiency and accuracy in your manufacturing processes.

How Can Withstand® Enhance Testing Efficiency?

  1. Simplified Testing File Management:

The traditional manual setup and testing parameters editing is a time-consuming process. With Withstand®, all test files are now conveniently displayed on your computer screen. This allows easy access to desired files using filtering criteria and facilitates quick editing, including addition, deletion, and modification of testing files.

  1. Quick DUT Identification with Barcode Scanning:

Manual entry of model and serial numbers during testing is a complex and time-consuming task. Withstand® supports the barcode scanning feature, seamlessly associating all DUTs information and automatically loading corresponding test files. This not only saves time but also ensures precise test execution, significantly reducing personnel error rates and enhancing result accuracy.

  1. Automated Data Visualization for Progress Tracking:

In the past, the production line relied on the tester's panel for reviewing test results and manually exporting data for analysis. Withstand® enables automatic data visualization based on time filtering, facilitating the tracking of daily and monthly progress. Essential testing results, such as the number of tests performed and failures, can be easily viewed at a glance, ensuring efficient progress tracking without delays.

  1. Enhanced Flexibility with Multi-User Support:

Traditional testers faced limitations in handling multiple tasks simultaneously. Withstand® breaks these constraints by accommodating an unlimited number of users on the platform. During testing on the production line, a PE can create new test parameters, and QA can simultaneously handle test reports. This flexibility eliminates the need to wait for downtime, enhancing the overall application of your testing team.

Watch the demonstration video to learn how to use Withstand® and explore more about its features.

Calibration Service for Sustained Accuracy:

While efficiency in manufacturing is crucial, maintaining the accuracy of your testing equipment is equally important. Ensure that your tester is precise in conducting tests to avoid unnecessary issues with product quality. Ikonix offers a comprehensive calibration service for electrical safety testers and power sources used in production. We understand that every second in the production line is valuable, so our rapid turnaround, completed in just 5 business days, minimizes equipment downtime and reduces work disruptions. Additionally, we provide certification that ensures the precision and traceability of calibrations, measurements, and adjustments. Notably, our calibration, based on Ikonix's instrument specification scope, ensures thorough adjustments across all measurement ranges. Furthermore, we include traceable and verified measurements to a national metrological institute.

By optimizing testing processes and embracing innovative solutions like Withstand® and our calibration service, manufacturers can enhance overall efficiency and accuracy. If you are interested in trying out Withstand®, you can start your 30-day free trial today. For more information about Withstand® and calibration services, please contact us.