Ikonix Expands Application Consulting to APAC

Taipei, Taiwan – Ikonix, a leading provider of Electrical Safety Testers, AC Power Sources, and Application Consulting services, is excited to announce the expansion of its Application Consulting services to APAC territories. This expansion aims to help customers overcome their electrical safety testing challenge. Ikonix's Application Consulting services have achieved significant success in the USA, garnering high recommendations from our satisfied customers. This expansion not only provides expertise in electrical safety but also serves as a standardized training tool for new staff members, enhancing the professional level of electrical safety testing fields.

Ikonix has developed two comprehensive consulting options to equip organizations with the necessary expertise and increase work efficiency and safety.

Ikonix's digital package offers customers access to a suite of convenient and content-rich online courses, enhancing the essential knowledge and skills of employees in electrical safety, thereby improving work efficiency and safety. These courses are meticulously designed by our industry experts and cover various topics, including common electrical safety testing criteria and safety testing guidelines. Participants have the flexibility to study at their own pace, unrestricted by time and location, and apply the acquired knowledge in their work.

Our experienced consultant’s team will deliver customized, in-depth, and practical one-day training courses tailored to meet your specific training objectives and needs. They will personally visit your company to provide training and demonstrate the operation of the instruments. This direct engagement enables them to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges you encounter and offer real-time professional guidance and solutions. Through the interactive methods to help your team members truly master the acquired skills and can effectively apply them to real-world work scenarios.

Ikonix consistently prioritizes customer needs and is dedicated to delivering optimal solutions and support. With the introduction of our application consulting services, Ikonix remains committed to helping customers make significant advancements in knowledge and training pertaining to electrical safety testing. This empowers them to conduct tests with confidence and efficiency. To gain further insight into Ikonix's application consulting services, we invite you to visit our website (https://www.ikonixasia.com/consulting/) and register today.