Associated Research Announces New Logo.

Ikonix is pleased to announce while we are in the process of consolidation and globalization of our production line, we are giving our Associated Research a fresh new look. Released on January 9th, 2023 Associated Research will be transitioning to this new logo.

Since 1936 Associated Research has provided solutions for the electrical safety testing industry. We feel it’s time to pay tribute to that, and that’s why we are changing our Associate Research logo to reflect aspects of our vintage logo. Ikonix feels it’s important to acknowledge we are where we are today because of the hard work and dedication of our past generations.

We believe it’s important to recognize and appreciate our past and feel as though this is the perfect opportunity. By bringing this old logo back and revamping it, we hope to combine the past and present to make the next chapter the best one yet.

Associated Research’s website will be updated on a regular basis.

Contact the company at +60-3-78429168, email at [email protected] or click here.