Ikonix Consolidating its Product Brands and Expanding Customer Happiness Around the World.

Taipei Taiwan – Ikonix is a global industry-leading test and measurement company that manufactures electrical safety compliance analyzers, manual- & programmable power sources, and offers a complete line of accessory, software, and personal protective equipment. Ikonix products helps customers ensure electrically safe products and maintain product quality throughout the entire lifecycle of their products. Starting January 1st, 2023, Ikonix will complete full brand consolidation. A new chapter of Ikonix that simplifies its product portfolio and offers world-class customer service.

Ikonix’s 3 iconic brands

Experts in electrical safety compliance. ® Associated Research has over 85 years of serving manufacturers in every industry around the globe. With a deep knowledge base to teach best practices in safety and automation and deliver the latest technology and features to optimize your work environment. eec safety tester shares many similarities with Associated Research products. In this brand consolidation, Associated Research will be the main brand offering premium electrical safety tester for leading manufacturers to optimize their production.

Electrical safety compliance simplified. ® SCI has been in the industry since 1953 providing simple and intuitive testers that won’t create a bottleneck in your production process. Further, it provides compatibility with personal protective equipment to ensure workstation safety. SCI is an ideal solution for small to medium-volume manufacturers who need a simple tester to get their job done.

Powering production.™ eec started as an AC power source manufacturer and has been a veteran in delivering high-quality AC power source and electrical safety testing since 1978, handling the most demanding industry’s needs. In this brand consolidation, eec electrical safety tester lines will be transitioned to the Associated Research brand, except for the highly specialized ESM-500 MultiPRO series. The eec brand remains as originated, by offering a wide range of powerful performance and precision AC power sources for production line testing requirements. Ikonix USA and APAC market has different customer demands, some models may only be available in APAC regions.

Ikonix embraces this new chapter and believes this consolidation will benefit our customers globally. We are fully prepared and ensure minimum impact to our customers while providing the best service and support during this brand transition.

Ikonix Values Customer Happiness Globally

Customers are Ikonix’s top priority. We remain committed as your partner throughout your products life cycle. At the same time, we aim to provide an unrivaled customer experience along with quality products that last.

The Ikonix customer commitment

  • Expert guidance from pre-purchase to re-purchase.
  • Fast sales and service lead times.
  • 45 days full refund. If you’re not satisfied with your tester, return it within 45 days for a full refund. Some conditions may apply.*
  • Industry Best on Instrument Warranty: New tester is warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and material for a period of (5) years from the date of shipment.*
  • Global warranty. Complete customer care around the world. For any defect, the customer can send back the instrument to the office at Ikonix USA, Ikonix Asia, and Ikonix Taiwan. Some conditions may apply.*
    *APAC models may have different terms.

For more information about each brands detail or any questions about the compatibilities of old and new, contact our sales representative at [email protected] or call us at +60-3-78429168.

IKONIX owns and operates industry-leading test and measurement brands across the globe. We manufacture electrical safety compliance instruments and power sources to help our customers conform to safety standards and regulations. Driven by building long-term relationships, IKONIX provides knowledge and expertise to our customers throughout the entire lifecycle of their product. Laying the foundation for our mission to expand globally has allowed us to successfully compete in the global market. IKONIX currently has three operating branches, Ikonix USA, Ikonix Taiwan, and Ikonix Asia.