Remaking eec SE Series Accuracy Just Like New!

Taipei Taiwan, July  – In 2014, Ikonix debuted the innovative eec SE Series Electrical Safety Tester to the world with various industry’s first features. SE series continues to be the choice for the customer who uses ARC detection as their product quality gatekeeper. Today, Ikonix announces the release of its latest accessory the ARC Calibration Box (1959) delivers convenience for customers who want to perform on-site calibration in maintaining their highest quality standards.

SE series compact 4-in-1 safety analyzer boasts a range of features to improve and enhance electrical safety analysis. The advanced ARC detection feature prevents poor gap spacing, which can result in dielectric breakdowns. Ikonix’s patented fast discharge function rapidly sheds excess electricity for greater user safety. Next-level precision ground bond measurements and true negative voltage with the convenience of maximum 500VA output capacity make a line of testers that is ideally suited to the demanding environment of today’s industrial settings. Designed with a user-friendly 4.3-inch touch panel and barcode data scanning features makes the testing operations are simple and intuitive to achieve the highest work productivity. All this adds up to the SE series electrical safety analyzer that provides an unmatched combination of safety, simplicity, and reliability.

“Aside from its rich and convenient multi-functional testing functions, customers use the SE Series ARC detection function as their quality gatekeeper. To ensure the accuracy of its performance, our customer often chooses to send back their instrument yearly for check and calibration. However, this sometimes may be troublesome and may in conflict with their production schedule” said Raymond Chong, APAC Divisional Sales Manager & Vice General Manager. “Now with this 1959 ARC Calibration Box accessory, customers can perform simple on-site calibration at their pace. Further, ARC Box also can be used as a benchmark tool corresponding with eec and market safety tester ARC value to establish the consistent testing result. This is extremely helpful for the customer who either has other eec or other product and aligning on the same performance”

ARC Calibration Key Features

  • Provides ARC calibration for SE series, calibrate and maintain the default high accuracy of the instruments.
  • Efficient equipment status check, can be used for daily checks.
  • Use as a benchmark tool for ARC level on various Hipot testers, ensure the production line ARC test result are consistent.
  • Intuitive design with the quick hands-on operation, optimizing the operation efficiency
  • Up to 3kg weight and compact size design, a work space-friendly companion.

Ikonix has more than 85 years of reputable industry experience and a long-term commitment on deliver the highest quality and safety products to our customers. With the most stringent quality control from design, the material is used to produce.

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