【Pure Power, Pure Performance】Introducing new EAL-5000 series AC power source unlocks new performance standards. Request for demo today!

Taipei, Taiwan, April 20th,2022 – Ikonix Taiwan, formerly known as Extech Electronics Co., the veteran in manufacturing AC power sources, has introduced the new eec brand EAL-5000 series AC power source that delivers a more powerful performance that optimizes the efficiency of the manufacturers need for their production line.

Since launched the eec EAL-5000 series AC power source in 2021, eec teams continuously collaborated with customer and turns the valuable on-site experiences further fine-tuned into EAL-5000 series to optimize the performance. Besides the wide range power output capacity selection from 500VA to 6,000VA. The EAL-5000 series standard package expands with greater frequency range from 5Hz to 1,200Hz that is same as the advanced packages. Further, both standard and advanced provides more flexible waveform testing function including transient and end angle in simulating power surges and sags. Exclusive on the advanced packaged, with the new library function tailored for production line testing. Some of commonly used complex test programs of waveform testing or measurements required by IEC 61000 can be quickly set into the EAL-5000 series. Users just need three steps to complete the tasks without the need of computer or software.

“Ever since the EAL-5000 series launched last year, our customers were extremely pleased with the product performances and there were no troubles with product transitioning. However, our goal not only wants to ensure meeting the industry demanding needs as well as improvements we can make to meet the efficiency our customer seeks,” said Raymond Chong, APAC Divisional Sales Manager & Vice General Manager. “During this time, our teams closely collaborated with our key customers. And through many valuable on-site testing experiences, our R&D team established the new performance packages that delivers ideal efficiency for production use. For standard performance, we adjusted the frequency to be the same as broad as the advanced package, with a low of 5Hz to a high of 1,200Hz, further we have added a library function in our advanced package that can quickly call out the required standard in performing pre-compliance tests.”

Since 1979, eec launched its first AC power source with one goal in mind. Delivering a simple, powerful, and reliable AC power source to handle the most demanding industry needs. This goal has not changed. eec EAL-5000 series not only provides 6 power range output capacity and 2 performance package that makes 12 selections available for various industry needs. With its innovative design and technology, it established compactness and optimizes space efficiency. ESA-5060 compared with other models on the market, is 36% lighter and 40% smaller in volume. With the superior mechanical design, EAL-5000 series is able to keep the instrument cool and quiet while maintaining stability in harsh operating environments. In meeting the IoT era, the series provides commonly used communication interfaces including USB, LAN, BNC, and GPIB. Allowed companies to generate valuable datasets for future analysis. Moreover, customers can set up, monitor, and operate remotely via PowerTRAC software.

eec an Ikonix brand has more than 85 years of reputable industry experience and a long-term commitment on deliver the highest quality and safety products to our customers. With the most stringent quality control from design, the material is used to produce. EAL-5000 series follows the same uncompromising attitude. And delivers a safe, accurate, and reliable AC power source. Certified by TÜV, makes the eec EAL -5000 series a world-class reliable safety instrument. This assures the highest level of safety and quality is delivered to our customers and their customer’s hands.

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