A General Standard Establishes the Safer Smart Cities – IEC 62368

In recent years, many local governments have been enthusiastic about bringing the smart city concept into their urban development. By integrating intelligence technology and management strategies in sectors such as transportation, medical, education, governance, and building system. As of result, the governments deliver better public services and better quality of life. Executing the smart city plan, heavily depends on the quality of the hardware infrastructure, including data centers, personal computers, intelligent control, etc. On top of that, the safety, and stability of equipment further sets the fundamentals in smooth smart city operation. So, they must be compliant by conducting a series of strict safety tests. However, there are hundreds and thousands of standards associated with a smart city. While each product has its corresponding standard. Are there any commonalities?

In the following, we will share some smart cities' applications and point out the general standards that are applied in different industries. If you would like to learn more about specific product testing details, feel free to contact us.

Speaking about a smart city, the “smart” derives from where everything is connected. The emerging 5G network features low latency, high capacity, and high bandwidth that can interconnect multiple devices simultaneously. The new technology addresses and overcomes the past Internet of Things (IoT) development issues and becomes the driving force of the smart city. We've framed some scenarios for you to experience the urban transformation.

Ideal applications in the medical industry. The benefits of new technology in smart medical are remote services, lower wait times, improving healthcare decisions with greater data. Imagine you have an appointment today. You do not need to spend time driving to the hospital. All you need to do is turn on the laptop. Even in a rural and remote areas, getting healthcare won’t be a problem. After the diagnosis, the doctor can make suggestions such as your daily blood pressure measurement and ask you to upload daily data for treatment tracking. So, you purchase a smart blood pressure monitor that has the feature of smart or cloud data storage. All your physiological data can easily obtain through mobile APPs or computers.

Any medical device, generally speaking, must comply with the IEC60601 medical general standard. However, when information and communication technology (ICT) integrates into the traditional medical industry, the advanced functions require a higher level of power. How to ensure the product is safe? The latest IEC 60601 standard has well-prepared for the trend of smart technology. It referred to the IT general standard IEC 62368 to avoid electrical hazards when implementing the new technology. (To further read the article about IEC 60601, see Issue 10). The medical-use power supplies can greatly express the medical industry's high safety and quality requirement. Most of them comply with both IEC 60601 and IEC 62368 standards by conducting a series of electrical safety tests, including Hipot, ground bond, insulation resistance, and leakage current tests. Therefore, the medical device industry customers always choose ESA series safety compliance analyzers as their electrical safety testing solutions. It can perform complete IEC 60601 required electrical safety tests in one stop. Furthermore, the ESA series can carry out the complex IEC 60601 leakage current test, such as touch current and patient leakage current. You can read more about smart device test details in our issue 17. We’ve introduced the blood pressure monitors' test requirements, methods, and complete electrical safety test solution.

Let’s take a look at another smart application in transportation. Smart transportation helps reduce traffic congestion results, in less wasted time, and reduced energy consumption. Assume you have an important meeting this morning. Before you head to the office, the first thing is to check which transportations can be the fastest way on your mobile phone. There are many traffic cams or smart devices on the road to transmit real-time information to the cloud system for data analysis to provide you with transportation suggestions. Those data will store in the data center to optimize the analysis result. So, you can avoid traffic jams and arrive office on time.

The devices interconnect to be the foundation of the smart city. All these applications rely on solid ICT performance. Therefore, the smart technology-related products do not only comply with their corresponding standards but also with IEC 62368. The manufacturers will rigorously conduct electrical safety tests on the products during the design stage and production line, including the Hipot, ground bond, insulation resistance, and leakage current test. In particular, measuring the value of leakage current under different operating conditions to ensure the products will not cause electrical hazards to the operator. Therefore, many of our customers purchased ESA Series Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer and bundle it with EAL–5000 Series Programmable AC Power Source for a completed testing solution. ESA series is a 7 in 1 tester. Generally, the testing voltage used for IEC 62368 is up to 4kVac/5.7kVdc. But some manufacturers use higher testing voltage to ensure product safety and performance. Our ESA series can provide up to 5kVac/ 6kVdc testing voltage and perfectly satisfy the stricter testing requirements. Also, it comes with 6kVdc insulation resistance testing voltage and 40A AC ground bond testing current. It has a built-in IEC 62368 required human-body simulation circuit and bundles with the EAL series power supply to simulate various real-world conditions. This solution strictly ensures products’ quality and safety.

Ikonix has guarded global electrical safety for more than 85 years, devoted to the development and manufacturing of safety testing instruments and power sources. Actively cooperate with leading brands and laboratories to provide high-quality and high-precision electrical safety test solutions for various industries ensuring electrically safe products. The ultimate goal is together to build better, safer, and smarter cities. If you have any electrical safety testing relevant questions, please contact us immediately.

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