Introducing all-new 440 Series Electrical Safety Testers

Taipei, Taiwan, March 2022 - Ikonix Co., the leader in safety testing instruments and solutions, announced the release of the new SCI 440 series into the electrical safety testing family. A simple and reliable 4-in-1 tester to get the job done while maintaining high quality and reliability results. All SCI products come in a unify design with intuitive interface, simple LCD display, rotary knob and all the electrical safety features meeting small to medium size manufacturers’ needs. “The 440 Series is SCI's new 4-in-1 production ready electrical safety tester. This compact unit has a new intuitive UI and is capable of full 40A ground bond, 6000-volt dielectric withstand and insulation resistance test capability. Both standard and 500VA hipot output versions are available,” states Nick Piotrowski, Marketing Manager at Ikonix.

All-New Features and Benefits:

  • 4-in-1 Functionality: Ability to run AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance and Ground Bond Tests.
  • Hardware Interlock: Remote interlock capability to allow users to safeguard workstations.
  • Expanded Ground Bond capability and Ground Resistant measurement: Ground bond capability with increased output to 40A. Ground resistant measurement can measure up to 200mΩ at a 30A output.
  • Meter Max Reading: When a Hipot breakdown occurs the voltage meter will display the breakdown voltage.
  • Imax Reading: Displays the maximum leakage current value read during the test. The BUS command RDM has been added to account for the new measurement.
  • Reduced footprint and weight.

To learn more about the new SCI 440 series, visit: SCI 440 Series Electrical Safety Testers

SCI product line is “Designed for all that is needed”. Ikonix with 85 years of on-site experience deeply understands our customer application needs in various job function levels. For some QC engineers, production testing, and service technicians, a simple and reliable testing instrument that gets the job done fast is the most ideal. Hence, SCI meeting for this ideal with cost-effective solution.