【Pure Power, Pure Performance】The EAL-5030 and 5060, the 3kVA and 6kVA AC power sources are now available. Limited stock. Request for demo today!

December 8th 20201, Taipei, Taiwan – Since 1979, eec launched its first AC power source, the goal was to deliver a simple, powerful, and reliable AC power source to handle the most demanding and advanced industry’s needs. Fast forward to 2021, that belief has not changed. eec has launched the EAL-5000 series earlier this year and now is announcing the series 5030 and 5060 models are now available in continuing to handle today's most demanding and advanced industries with simplicity and effectiveness.

"Ever since this series launched, we have customers from various industries including switching power supply, industrial and commercial machinery, and household appliance in continue asking us about the availably on these 3kVA and 6kVA capacity. We are excited to share this news with them now. With these 2 models onboard, the EAL-5000 series is now a complete power source for most productions. The series was designed with two upgradeable packages. The standard package for manufacturing testing stations, powering with the safety testers to ensure quality meets international standards. And the advanced package for more complete services. Same machine meeting the needs within the product development cycle with consistent results. Makes a total of 12 machines available for industries' horizontal and vertical applications”, said Raymond Chong, Ikonix Associate Vice President.

Nowadays, customers are not only requiring efficiency, durability, and safety but also focusing on flexible and diversified solutions. Therefore, the EAL-5000 series comes in a complete range of choices and two upgradeable packages to choose from. Designed with high flexibility and a cost-effective solution for various industrial applications.

Meeting the needs from various industries and applications

  • Offers a wide power range from 500VA to 6,000VA.
  • Scalable performance packages including standard and advanced. Suitable for various operating function such as in product developmental, production, and manufacturing.

The compact size design with uncompromising performance.

  • The advanced high power density design establishes compactness and optimizes space efficiency. ESA-5060 compared with other models on the market, it is 36% lighter and 40% smaller in volume.
  • With the superior mechanical design, EAL series is able to keep the instrument cool and quiet while maintain stability in harsh operating environments.

The EAL-5000 series complete features ensure ultimate safety, quality, and efficiency are delivered.

  • Outputting in AC, DC, or AC+DC, voltage up to 310VAC, frequency up to 1,200Hz. And capable of simulating all-kinds of global power distribution conditions.
  • Power simulation features include generating voltage fluctuations, dips, interruptions and many other waveforms. Meeting the specific IEC 61000 standard pre-compliance tests.
  • Customers can set up, monitor, and operate remotely via PowerTRAC software.
  • The series provides commonly used communicating interfaces includes USB, LAN, BNC, and GPIB. Allows companies to generate valuable datasets for future analysis.


Ikonix has more than 80 years of reputable industry experience and long-term commitment on deliver the highest quality and safety product to our customers. With the most stringent quality control from design, the material is used to produce. EAL-5000 series follows the same uncompromising attitude. And delivers a safe, accurate, and reliable AC power source. Certified by TÜV, makes the EAL -5000 series a world-class reliable safety instrument. This assures the highest level of safety and quality is delivered to our customers and their customer’s hands.

To learn more about EEC new EAL-5000 series 5030 and 5060 model, visit: EAL-5000 Series Programmable AC Power Source