Ikonix announces EEC MultiPRO: A Revolutionary Safety Testing Platform for New Manufacturing Efficiency.

Taipei, Taiwan — Ikonix, an 80-year-old leading electrical safety tester manufacturer, announced its new flagship electrical safety testing solution, the ESM-500 MultiPRO Electrical Safety Platform. With automation, scalability, efficiency, and low cost of ownership shaping the future of manufacturing, the newly designed MultiPRO is packed with innovative features that include legacy powerful AC Withstand (ACW), DC Withstand (DCW), Insulation Resistance (IR), Continuity, and High voltage testing functions in a modularized package. As every manufacturer and product has its definition of optimized efficiency, MultiPRO provides a platform that allows the selection of up to 5 modules to tailor to their ideal testing tasks and can achieve up to 10x efficiency when systems are linked. The optimized performance helps to make the manufacturing such as capacitors, adaptors, semiconductors, and automated testing ideality into reality.

"Manufacturers care about five things the most: productivity, accurate testing results, safety, ease of maintenance, and lower total cost of ownership. In this era of IoT, their importance is even obvious,” said Raymond Chong, Ikonix Associate Vice President. "The MultiPRO surpasses this market trend. Not only does it offers a scalable solution, moreover, our testing speed is also up to 42% faster than the market competitors. With the modularized design, an operator can simply swap modules when they face any issues. Therefore, the downtime and spare part costs can be minimized, achieving long-term low total cost of ownership. MultiPRO equips the manufacturers every edge they need to succeed in an interconnected future.”

The right testing function and higher throughput mean higher revenue for manufacturers. Supporting up to 10 test channels in a single mainframe and capable of testing up to 100 DUTs simultaneously via system interlink, MultiPRO delivers ultimate efficiency via its revolutionary modular platform design. The advanced technology utilized achieves a testing speed that is up to 42% faster than the multi-channel testers on the market, testing speed may be vary depending on the product and settings. This allows high throughput factories such as components and semiconductor manufacturers to test far more products in the same given time.

MultiPRO features unique anti-interference technology that provides accurate testing results to ensure standard-compliant, superior and consistent product quality. The true modularized design allows independent test parameters programming and results identification for each channel, to accommodate the needs of today's dynamic, highly variable production lines.

Lower total cost of ownership creates a higher profit margin over time. MultiPRO’s swappable modules mean malfunctioning channels can be quickly replaced, reducing the repair turnaround cost by up to 75%. The manufacturers no longer need to purchase the entire equipment for backup uses, saving the spare part costs by up to 39%. It also allows the users to customize the combinations to match their exact testing application needs, which may require them to purchase additional equipment with unwanted features before. Further, it provides highly scalable performance that can quickly adapt to rapidly changing market demands.

Ikonix has more than 80 years of reputable industry experience and a long-term commitment to deliver safe products with the highest quality to our customers. Stringent quality control is implemented in every step from design, the material used to the production process, and our uncompromising attitude is present in every detail of MultiPRO. Our commitment is further tested by TÜV, making MultiPRO a true safety flagship that assures the highest level of safety, efficiency, and quality is delivered to our customers and their customer’s hands.

To learn more about new ESM-500 MultiPRO Electrical Safety Platform, please visit: https://www.ikonixasia.com/products/esm-500-multipro-electrical-safety-platform/

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For 80 years, Ikonix has been producing cutting-edge electrical safety testers and AC power sources for a variety of industries. We strive to earn our  customers’ trust by consistently offering dependable products, services, and reliable support for all testing applications.

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