EGB-300 Delivers Powerful Testing in a Compact Package

EGB-300 Delivers Powerful Testing in a Compact Package

Taipei, Taiwan — Extech Electronic Co. (EEC) announces the release of its new next-generation ground bond testing solution — the EGB-300. It delivers 40A high performance and reliable output, and offers a complete AC and DC ground bond testing solution in a remarkably compact package, at only 5 kg and size of a sheet of A4 paper. Despite its small size, the EGB-300 boasts a range of powerful features to help manufacturers overcome any electrical testing challenges they face, both AC and DC. It embodies our commitment on delivering effective, high quality products to customers.

Small Size and Robust Performance

Along with the convenience offered by the EBG-300’s small and lightweight design, it also provides the ability to handle some of the most demanding testing scenarios in the manufacturing sector. Its 40A high output current with wide programmable measuring capability and highly accurate testing performance can tackle a wide range of electrical hardware, including audio/video equipment and home appliances —product categories where test efficiency and performance are critical. The EGB-300 provides testing solutions for both AC and DC ground bond to meet a range of industry regulations, including IEC/UL 62368-1 for audio/video electrical equipment and IEC60335-1 for home appliances. Performance is further enhanced by the EGB-300’s four-wire measurement design utilizing two additional wires to eliminate the fixture resistance while boosting testing accuracy by combining with auto-offset adjustment.

Expandability Create 5-in-1 Testing Solution

Though small, EGB-300 provides the flexibility to expand beyond expectations. The ground bond tester can be easily connected to an EST-300 series hipot tester and mounted in a 2U rack. The pairing creates a complete solution offering ACW, DCW, IR, AC GB, and DC GB testing in one system. Operators can further define their test modes to optimize their application efficiency by either setting up consecutive or simultaneous testing.

Compact, efficient, and flexible, EEC’s EGB-300 sets the standard for a new generation of ground bond testing devices.

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